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From Technician to Engineer: Meet Todd Larsen

When Todd Larsen first joined our team in 2000, he had his sights set on pro AV work—digital signage, projectors, and videoconferencing. But CEC needed a fire and security technician to help customers with fire alarms and life-safety systems. As with many of the pros who work as part of our fire and security team, Todd quickly discovered that he had a unique talent and passion for this technology.

Need a Tech Refresh Before You Use Your Conference Rooms Again?

Today, conference rooms play a major role in bringing people together—whether they’re inside or outside your office walls. If they haven’t already, organizations are now discussing timelines for bringing workers back to the office (whether it’s fully in-office, a hybrid experience, or a mix). Employees will be returning to conference rooms that, in many cases, haven’t been used in more than a year. Firmware and software are likely outdated; some hardware may not be supportable anymore. As a result, you may return to rooms that no longer work for your teams—or encounter challenges as you get them up and running again.

From Coordinator to Engineer: Meet Stefanie Anderson

When CEC acquired Wisconsin’s A&A Fire and Security in 2010, Stefanie Anderson officially joined the CEC family. More than a decade later, she’s an integral part of our fire and security team. Today, Stefanie serves as CEC’s Wisconsin engineering supervisor for fire and security technologies. In this role, she quotes fire alarm and security systems and performs engineering project work.

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